A Guide to Shopping for the Right Survivalist Knife
Oct 2017

A Guide to Shopping for the Right Survivalist Knife

survivalist knife is a very important tool that you can depend on when you are out in the wilderness. Considering how the conditions can be challenging and how you may be exposed to the danger of the wild, a knife of this caliber is going to make it possible for you to survive anything that the wild may throw at you. That being said it is important that when you shop for the right one, you know what elements to focus on so you get the best there is.


Consider the tang

This has something to do with the portion of the blade which extends towards the handle. The best choice for a survivalist knife is a full tang. This means that the tang goes all the way to the handle’s base. It gives full strength to the entire knife. Cheaper knives often have blades that only connect to the top of its handle which means that it will have a much higher tendency to break.


Check the handle

Handles on a survivalist knife can come in such a wide variety. There are those made from hard rubber there are some that are made of polymer. While any of them are good, always remember that the one thing you would want to avoid is a hollow handle. A hollow handle means that your knife is not full tang. If you are going for hollow handles so you can store stuff on it, just imagine what a disaster it is going to be if you ever end up losing the knife.


Consider the blade

These knives tend to come in either stainless steel or carbon steel. There will always be a debate concerning which one is the better choice. But knowing what each has to offer might help you pick the one you think is best for you. Carbon steel is known of holding its edge longer. They do rust faster when exposed to the elements. Stainless steel is virtually indestructible. It can last long without any rusting. They do tend to lose their edge faster though.


Consider the blade length

The best length of survival knives are those between 6 to 1 inches. Anything less and to is going to be way too small to do the many tasks that you will need it to do. Anything longer and it is going to e way too long or too big that it will be too cumbersome for you to carry around.


Check the blade design

You have the choice on whether you will go or a serrated design or a straight one. Straight blades are best for chopping wood and such other similar cutting tasks. They are easier to sharpen too. Serrated ones always require a special sharpener to keep its edges.


While it is easy to find a survivalist knife in the market today finding the right one can be a challenge. So, take note of these things and make sure to use them as a guide when you shop. This way it will be easier to spot the right knife that will be most handy for your future trips to the wild.



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