Best Tattoo Care Products: Essential to Maintaining Your Tattoo
Dec 2017

Best Tattoo Care Products: Essential to Maintaining Your Tattoo

Getting yourself a tattoo means that you have to be prepared both psychologically and physically. You most definitely have survived the process of having your body prepared, enduring the pain and picking the best tattoo that would help in expressing you a lot more and it is only right that you have knowledge of the best tattoo care products and the proper care just so you maintain your tattoo and give it a beautiful look.

Below are some of the tips on the proper measure you can take to care for your tattoo in order to preserve its radiance and at the same time, its beauty.

Follow instructions. Right after you get your tattoo, tattoo parlors or artists have specific tattoo care instructions that they inform you about and it is important that you follow such instructions. It is advised that you do not in any way ignore their instructions and you can consult them if you have any questions or concerns.

Bandage removal. One of the measures to take to properly care for your tattoo is properly having the bandage removed. The bandage is ideal to be untouched for about 3 – 4 hours. Ensure that your hands are properly washed and the bandage is carefully removed so it can breathe and get dried naturally.

Washing your tattoo. Cleaning is without a doubt one of the most important ways to properly care for your tattoo. It is advised that you patiently allow warm water to run over your tattoo as you hand wash it gently with the aid of a mild soap, do not at any point use a sponge to scrub it.

Over caring your tattoo is not good

While you are given proper instructions on how to take good care of your tattoo, you should make sure that you do not over care. Remember that there is a thin line between over caring and under caring. If you keep on washing and washing your tattoo in fear that it would get infected, it’ll probably end up getting faded. Aside from that, if you think wiping down your tattoo with a towel will also speed up the drying process, again it can affect the new design negatively.

Do not wrap your tattoo

In most circumstances, you should not wrap your tattoo unless your tattoo artist had told you to do so. Now that you’ve already removed the bandage, make sure that you keep it clean as much as you can. Treat it like the way it is, a fresh wound. Wash it gently and make sure that you avoid contact with things that can breed bacteria or cause infection.

Do not sleep on your tattoo

Sleeping on top of your tattoo is not recommended. For instance, if you have your tattoo somewhere between your chest and shoulders, make sure that you sleep on your back. Your tattoo will need to keep expose if you want to speed up the healing process. It should not sleep upon or wrapped around with a cloth.

Keep it moisturized

Keeping your tattoo dry at all times is also not recommended. Make sure that you also keep it moist especially on the first few days after you’ve had it. Completely dry tattoos will lead to thick scabs and introduce a lot of problems once you start picking on it. Using cream is also recommended to ensure that you have covered it up.

Avoid working out

If you have a huge tattoo of a woman on your joints, you should avoid working out for a while. Why? It will eventually cause your tattoo to spread out because your skin will stretch. Aside from that, you need to rest your body to speed up the healing process of your tattoo so no more working out for you as of the moment.

Avoid prolonged water contact

It is important to avoid any prolonged water contact, especially in the first few weeks after getting your tattoo. Make sure that you do not stay on bath for too long, submerge in a swimming pool or jacuzzi, or wash your tattoo for too long your skin starts to wrinkle. Saltwater should also be avoided. Submerging your tattoo in the water can cause it to fade. The last thing that you wanted to do is to go back to your tattoo artist for a touch-up.

Keep these tips in mind when it comes to maintaining your tattoo. In that way, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to maintain your tattoo in a proper condition and make it look good as new. Some rookie mistakes could ruin your tattoo’s design, and since it’ll be forever in your body, you might want to avoid these mistakes

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