Check out funniest memes for modern day digital poetry
Jun 2018

Check out funniest memes for modern day digital poetry

I remember the first poem that I read, I was only five years old and I really was blown away by the fact that words can sound different from each other while meaning totally different things. I was five years old so the poetry of course involved colorful animals and there was really not much drama involved in the poems.

As I got older, my appreciation for the written word got deeper and deeper. I consider it really as some sort of internal language mechanism that is far and above the normal way we talk to each other. You have to understand when people talk to each other, it’s all about expediency. It’s all about getting the most meaning to go from point A to point B while expending the least amount of effort.

As you can well imagine, there’s a lot of room for improvement. There’s a lot to be desired with our normal ways of talking because there’s so much misunderstanding in the world. If we really communicate in a very honest and clear way, there’d probably less death, murders and wars in the world because at the end of the day, a lot of the conflict that we have boils down to miscommunication. It all boils down to language. A lot of the inability to forgive, a lot of the grudges that we hold, a lot of the hate that we tend cultivate over a long period of time can be traced from some misspoken word of some feeling that was just reduced to the wrong  set of words.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that authenticity and sincerity will make all our problems go away. But let me tell you, at least it would reduce the body count restitude.  I say this because in the context of memes because memes are awesome in terms of their ability to communicate what would otherwise be a set of complex truths in a very easy to process graphic.

Memes of course are not created equal. Some are really funny because they speak uncomfortable truths. Others are funny only if you understand the people sending you the memes. And in this respect, they’re not all that effective because people pretty much have to know each other. They basically have to have the same education level. They basically have to come from the same class background. They basically have to consider the same thing important.

In other words, there’s a fairly small community of people interested in that particular meme. When you check out the funniest memes regarding League of Legends or any other product of mass popular culture, you operate on an entirely different level. You understand that when things are really funny, and they are considered by a wide range of people, these memes are simplified. They’re broken down. They speak Basic English, so to speak, so they can speak the widest range of people possible. They’re able to also do this in a short period of time.

If you truly want to maximize the impact of your modern day communications, you have to read this memes like digital poetry. In other words, great poetry selects the right words to convey the right range of meaning in the least amount of time possible. When you do that, it takes less brain processing power to get it. That’s the bottom line. Even if a person has an IQ of 85, they can still get it quickly. Even if another person has an IQ of 75, they can still get it or at least they can understand why people find it funny.

That’s how it works. So focus on modern day digital poetry and lessons in memes. They can speak volumes in regards to effective communication.


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