China Market for Western People
Dec 2017

China Market for Western People

It’s dynamic and exciting and you never get bored! You also often reevaluate your own perception and perception of how things are going, because our western view of how things are done does not always match the Chinese. I think Chinese companies will take more space in the western market and we are already seeing a growing interest from Chinese investors and that it is important to learn about China and the Chinese culture in order to meet them in a good way.

However, some business men point out that it is important to know that, as a foreign player, you cannot invest anywhere in China. It is strictly regulated how and within which areas one has to invest so that who wants to enter the Chinese market is best investigating what applies to the particular industry in which you want to invest. Some areas are encouraged, others limited and some even banned.

Because some areas are so strictly regulated, it is important to investigate their opportunities to invest before signing up a project. It is also good to know that an establishment in the Chinese market can take a long time because you need many licenses and licenses before, for example, get their organization number or be allowed to open a bank account.

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What are the challenges that westerners have to know about before they enter the China market? If you are an entrepreneur that is new to the Chinese market and want to get a head’s up, here is what you will need to be aware of, and some of the difficulties that you may face as well.

Quality problems and time delays

The main problem being a client (buyer) are the delays and quality problems. The production lines usually stop, a part of the merchandise is left half finished, the delivery is impossible. Even if the merchandise is finished, your shipment will be blocked in the warehouse. Everything becomes out of control. The only solution is to visit the factory and help find a commitment in the interest of all.

In fact, a manufacturer must be carefully selected: either Western or Chinese property. There is always the possibility that one day you decide to move the production out. As a first recommendation, it is highly advisable to proceed to a factory audit.

And to anticipate this type of situation, you have to maintain a close relationship with the supplier: be it with the owner or with the workers. A fluid communication allows identifying as soon as possible any potential risk of social conflicts or economic problems of the factory.

What are some challenges you may face?

Entering the market

Each local distribution network, the custom of purchase by the consumer in the country and each legal collection can be a total problem. Even the context of the market is completely separate from the economy in the world. It is thought that almost a quarter of each product that is accepted in the US market does not enter the Chinese market.

Favoritism on the part of consumers

In China, an incredible adjustment was generated in recent years, and that is when we talk about the consumer, it is quite diversified. Also, it is completely separate from the other markets in the world. With this, we say that several companies failed to succeed in China. All for the simple fact of not having the favoritism of consumers.


All foreign companies have been fighting with the laws and regulations in the Chinese country. A majority people who participated in a survey have cited bureaucracy as a worrying factor at the time of business expansion in the country. There are several who criticize the process, therefore, business in China can be complicated.

Finding the right supplier

Before you start importing from China, it is important that you know how to distinguish your options and find the right supplier.

Whichever way you plan to import from China, it is advisable to hire a purchasing consultant who can help you distinguish between suppliers. This purchasing advisor is widely trained to be the best intermediary. Often, as long as you select the right supplier contact that you can work with, you will be able to ensure that you have got the most ease of access with supplying your customers and doing business with China.

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