Click this link to enhance your poetry with guitar music
Jun 2018

Click this link to enhance your poetry with guitar music

Make no mistake about it, there’s a reason why poetry slams, spoken word competitions, and spoken word cafes always feature guitar music.

They may not have drums, they may not have bass guitars, they may not have keyboards, they may not have all the other musical instruments that you would normally expect from some sort of outdoor performance venue, but you can bet that there will at least be an acoustic guitar.

The great thing about poetry mixed with guitars is that the guitar is there to provide emotional support for the spoken word. The guitar can do a wonderful job of setting the tone.

As you well know, a lot of guitarists, whether they’re famous or not, speak from their soul through strumming their guitar. Each and every guitar string really resonates with the vocabulary of the soul.

It gets to the heart or the pit of the gut of the human condition. It really speaks to everything that you aspire for. It talks about your hopes and dreams in a very musical way. And when you mix this with poetry, whether in Dallas or elsewhere, it really makes for a truly authentic, sincere and a personal experience.

Because let’s get real here. What makes poetry truly meaningful is the fact that you’re reading in your personal reality into it. This is the key to poetry.

Because that’s the job of the poet. They only can put together a framework. That’s the best they can do. They cannot cram a reality to your mind.

They cannot dictate to you who you should be, how you should think, and what you should focus on. Instead, they can only come up with a framework, and then this framework is something that everybody reads their own personal reality and personal truths into.

And when different people from different walks of life look at the same thing and walk away with different interpretations that slightly vary from each other, it’s a beautiful thing. First of all, it would be a sad and boring world indeed if everyone can be counted on to be one mind about everything and anything. Sure, it would be peace on Earth. How can it not be… we’d be living in a worldwide version of the Stepford Wives.

Because it not only reiterates the fact that we are all united in the way we can process the same framework, but it also celebrates our individuality because no two of us are the same. And this is all enhanced by great guitar music.

If you’re looking for the right kind of guitar, check this link. Because the right guitar can definitely go a long way in enhancing your poetry.

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