Dallas accommodations are so much better if they invest in the best tankless water heater systems
Jun 2018

Dallas accommodations are so much better if they invest in the best tankless water heater systems

I remember the first time I went to Dallas, I was under the impression that this place was fairly hot. After all, Texas, by and large, is a fairly hot place. I mean, it is by the Gulf of Mexico. I mean, how cold can it get?

Well, boy did I find out that it can get quite cold. As hot as Dallas is during certain times of the year, it is also susceptible to arid area or desert weather patterns. If you have ever tried to camp out in a desert area for the winter, here’s a piece of advice-don’t do it. You’ll freeze your assets off.

You have to understand that usually, when people think of tankless water heater systems, they usually think about preventing water from freezing over. I really can’t blame people for thinking along these lines because this is the main reason why such systems exist. They are built primarily for northern environments or northern climates.

As you can probably well imagine, if you live in a place like South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana or Washington State, there is a high chance that your pipes will freeze. After all, the water company doesn’t exactly pump red-hot water. You have to heat it yourself.

And if you heat the water using some sort of boiler, it brings its own set of particular challenges. So it is no surprise that a lot of people have been switching to the best tankless water heater systems up north.

But what is its role in the south? What is its role in places that normally do not get frigid?

Now, you may be thinking that Southern California or Dallas, or even Southern Florida, never gets cold. Well, you might want to think again.

I’m not just talking about some sort of freak frost wind that makes it to those parts of the country. No. In the winter, things do get quite cold because if you look at a map, these parts of the United States are far away from the equator. They’re not exactly in the tropics.

So what I learned while staying at my Dallas accommodation was that the landlord could have invested in the best tankless water heater systems because, let me tell you, there is nothing more annoying than waking up in the morning trying to get a nice, warm shower, but only to be greeted by lukewarm water at best. In fact, it was such an unpleasant experience that I vowed never to go back to that place again.

That landlord could have gotten a customer for life, but it turned out that because of the bad water heating system, that person would probably have to struggle to get new guests. That’s really too bad because Dallas is a great city.

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