Even the very best Dallas, Texas accommodations could use some plastic decking
Jun 2018

Even the very best Dallas, Texas accommodations could use some plastic decking

Last time I went to Dallas, I had a pretty great time. I was there to give a speech to a group of people who were in my industry. There were a lot of people that are recognized experts in their fields. It was really a great opportunity to exchange ideas and pick people’s brains.

However, as exciting as the business networking opportunities were, when I went to my accommodations, it was less than desirable. And that’s to put it mildly.

I booked a penthouse unit. You would think that if somebody were to spend a few extra dollars booking a penthouse unit that the unit owner would at least come up with better accommodations. At the very least, the decking and the outdoor area would look really good.

Well, it turned out that the decking, as well as the furniture, were made out of wood. So a lot of it was rotting, fading, and moldy. It looked really nasty.

In fact, some of the seats on the penthouse deck overlooking a nice little park across the street were so rotten, my female companion did not want to sit on it. I mean, talk about having egg on my face.

Here I was, trying to impress somebody and I couldn’t sit down because we don’t know where it came from. We don’t know if the mold might cause some sort of skin rash.

As you can well imagine, the penthouse accommodation did not exactly make a great impression on me. I highly suspect that it probably disappointed a lot of previous guests.

Make no mistake about it, if you are looking to put up any kind of accommodation, please understand that you have to appeal to the public. You have to give them what they’re looking for.

You see, when you are charging extra money, you have to deliver solid value. However, the value of people who expect to pay very little is kind of low.

So, for example, somebody is just looking to pay $50 a night, their expectations are going to be very low. After all, they really don’t have any right to expect a lot because they’re paying so little.

However, if somebody is going to be booking some sort of nice penthouse that is supposed to have a great view of Dallas, Texas, well, the penthouse needs to level up. It has to at least feature accommodations that have plastic decking or some sort of plastic decking material that resists Mother Nature.

Because if you use wood, it breaks down. It gets moldy. It looks nasty. With metal, it’s the same. I mean, it rusts and can cause all sorts of issues.

So do yourself a big favor, if you’re thinking of putting up any kind of accommodation, use plastic decking.

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