How to be a Competent Poet: Be Competitive with CS GO Prime Account
Aug 2017

How to be a Competent Poet: Be Competitive with CS GO Prime Account

Are you an avid player of counter strike? Make sure that you are getting the best out of this game by using the cs go prime account. Be the competitive gamer that you should be by including this built-in mode in your play as you start to enjoy the professional level of tournament. Here are some of the things you should know about prime account.

  • Ranking. You must be at least Rank 21 Lieutenant in order to have an account. So if your level is a little lower, your effort as you move up in position will be all worth it because of the competitive mode in the game that awaits you.
  • Differences. There are a lot of differences in this type compared to the casual mode like the awards given in each kill which is doubled. You are also given the choice to select the map you prepared as the battle ground. Pistol is the starting weapon of all the players. You are also given the ability to buy two flashbangs, unlike in the casual mode where you are only able to purchase one. At the beginning of the round, you can purchase kits and armors. Take note that these are not automatically received in the competitive mode. Being aware of all these differences is very important so that you will not be left behind in this game.
  • Procedure. You must have a valid mobile number in order to upgrade gamers’ account into a prime one. The prime matchmaking procedure then begins as the system will find other users. You must remember that you cannot use a single phone number to upgrade several accounts. Instances when you accidentally upgrade a wrong account can still be fixed as you are given three days in the process. You must also be familiar of the cooldown in the said mode that can be incurred because of various reasons like abandoning a competitive match while in the middle of the game, excessive disruption activities, cheating or suiciding. The length of cooldown varies in each level.

Choosing CS GO and Smurf accounts will provide you a lot of benefits from the security in payments to affordable prices that are surely in your budget. You can also expect to receive the log-in details immediately in your e-mail. Being in a competitive mode, your service provider must be competitive also.

Playing counter strike is really very thrilling and it will be more exciting if you will upgrade your account. You will be able to challenge yourself and improve your gaming skills. Introducing this to your friends that are not yet familiar with is also a very good idea. Surely your group will have awesome moments. Do not just be satisfied with the casual mode rather always seek for ways to get better. Do not just be contented with the things you are accustomed to because by doing so you cannot truly say that you achieve your full potential as a player. As they say, life is a never ending opportunity for improvement. It all depends on you.



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