It’s a Job For a Designer
Dec 2017

It’s a Job For a Designer

To find out what a designer does we have to know first what design is. The most common perception of design is that it is only about color and shape of a product or service. But design is actually not color and shape. Although often, the term is used in everyday speech. What is meant by the concept of design is actually the characteristics and qualities of the product due to the outcome of a design and thought process. That’s the result of designs that the public usually refers to when the buddy says, “Have you seen what a nice design this new website has!”. So the concept of design may have different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. In the example above, the word can be regarded as a reference to a design process that has taken place earlier. Although most are not aware or reflect on this.

To sum up the concept of design, it could be described as:

Based on a purpose, create something to serve someone (yourself, other people, society and the world) with one or more needs as a starting point.

Design is an approach to finding solutions to needs or problems based on one purpose. The needs need not be known. The problems need not be well-defined. It may suffice to set up a target image or vision, in other words, an idea of ​​what to achieve. Design also has one or more recipients. Design should contribute something to someone for a value to occur.

Which design process or methods are used depends on how well known and well-described needs or problems are. But the severity of what to solve is also crucial to the approach.

So you see, the work of a designer is not only color and shape, but a more complex process, that needs a lot of knowledge and work.

Here are some of the key tasks of a web designer:

  1. Creating layout and features of websites

This is one of the key functions of a web designer. It’s important to meet the expectations of the company and turn their vision into reality. This involves various elements including the features and look of the website.

It’s important for the web designer to work closely with the website’s owner. The saying “the customer is always right” certainly applies. The process should start with the company’s vision. Then you can start focusing on the website’s details. That includes its user interface (UI), navigation, features, and so on. A well-designedwebsite won’t mean much unless it meets the expectations of the company.

  1. Computer Programming

Coding is one of the essential tools of good web development. There are various options like WordPress that require no coding skills. However, the main drawback of such options is it’s nearly impossible to build a unique website. That’s because the web developer will be using the same templates and such that everyone has access to.

There’s various programming languages that web developers should learn including HTML and others. This will also add to their net value since they’ll be able to develop the websites their customers want. Even if you already know certain languages it’s a plus when you can learn others in order to improve your resume and portfolio.

  1. Needs Analysis

Another key job of web developers is also to determine the needs of the website. This includes things like changes and upgrades that are needed. They can use various tools to achieve that goal. However, it also involves having the knowledge and experience to pinpoint how they can improve the site. This in turn will make the website more functional for companies since they’ll also be aware of the changes that are needed. The process of changing and improve websites never changes.

  1. Graphic Design

This is one of the key features of a quality web designer. It’s critical for the website to have the look and feel the customer wants. This involves having knowledge and expertise about the basics of graphic design. That in turn will help to develop the website your client wants and deserves.

It’s especially important today as visual elements have become more important than ever in the world of web design. Consider the popularity of social networks like Instagram and YouTube with the latter having over 1.3 billion users. This doesn’t mean web developers necessarily need a background in graphic design. However, they should have a basic knowledge so they can provide an effective layout for the websites they develop.

  1. Maintenance/Additions

These are critical components of any website. In some cases companies just want to make a tweak here and there. However, in other situations they’ll want to totally redesign the website and add new features and functionality. What’s it mean for web developers? It’s important for them to have the knowledge about how to make those types of changes to websites. That in turn will help to ensure the website is always improving.

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