Poetry and Technology: Advantages of a Chamber Vacuum Sealer
Mar 2017

Poetry and Technology: Advantages of a Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Chamber vacuum sealers play a very exceptional role in food preservation. They are easy to operate. It operates on the mechanism of vacuum packaging. This form of packaging involves air removal from the package before being sealed.  Vacuum packaging is useful in packaging cheese, fresh meat, chocolate, and candy. The models of chamber style vacuum sealer sealer vary over a wide range.

The food packaged in either a Ziploc or sous vide bag is placed on the chamber bed. The end left open is placed on top of the sealing bar. After loading the chamber with the packaged food, the lid is closed for the cycle to commence. The air in the chamber is purged out with the use of a vacuum pump. If required, a cycle of gas flushing follows after. On completing the vacuum and the gas flushing, the sealing cycle commences. On completing the vacuum sealing cycle, the lid automatically open.

Processing many packaged food products per cycle by the vacuum packaging machine is a factor of the length of sealing bar. The packaged food products are lined up along the sealing bar length. Longer sealing bar lengths ensure increased productivity of the machine by accommodating more products per cycle.

One of the advantages of the chamber vacuum sealer is the automation feature. When the lid is closed, it is sensor activated. A number of vacuum packaging machines are operated manually with the use of foot pedals.

Advantages of Using a Chamber Vacuum sealer

  • All is electrical powered and this is the external utility needed. The compressor is inbuilt
  • The longer the length of the sealing bar, the more the operator can process more food packed. This results in increased productivity. One can employ more than one sealing bar if the length is not long enough.
  • Compared to the nozzle type of vacuum sealers, the chamber vacuum sealer has a greater vacuum percentage.
  • Due to its automation of cycles when the lid is closed, there is a need for little or no operator involvement.
  • If ensuring the immobility of the product, the chamber vacuum sealer provides options for percentage vacuum.
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