Our site also provides poetry fans with access to various poetry contests. The goal of these events is to give poetry fans the opportunity to showcase their work. It’s important to note that by definition the contests are based on experts’ opinions about the quality, originality, etc. of poems.

On the other hand, we also want to reward poets for producing outstanding work through their poetry writing. We realize that it’s important for poets to be recognized for their work. That’s why we have different contests with different categories.

These events provide poets with the chance to showcase their best work. Whether you’ve been writing poetry for 1 or 100 years, we want to give you the ability to share your work and be rewarded if it’s the some of the best poetry in your particular category.

There are several benefits of our poetry contests. The main goal isn’t necessarily to encourage people to write poetry strictly for the opportunity to win contests. Instead, we want our site’s visitors/members to constantly strive to produce the best poetry possible. One of the best ways to do that is to motivate them by allowing them to compete against other poets with similar experience.

So even if you’re a brand new poet, we think our poetry contests will give you the opportunity to share your work and encourage you to keep striving to produce excellent quality poetry. It’s an excellent motivator to improve your skills in order to write even better poetry.

We also offer modest prizes to the poetry contest winners. Again, the purpose isn’t to make poetry writers household names or millionaires. Instead, it’s to encourage people to write better poetry. If we’re able to do that through our contest, then we think they’re effective.

These events are especially helpful for people who are uneasy about sharing your poetry. We strongly believe that good poetry is something that should be shared with others, and especially fellow poets. This will encourage you to take steps to improve your craft. If you’re uneasy about the quality of your poems, this is an excellent way to encourage you to keep striving to make the best poetry possible.

So even if you don’t win one of our poetry contests, they’re worth entering. That’s because they can help to provide several benefits that will ultimately make you a better poet. That’s the main goal of these events, so we hope you’ll considering entering them.

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