Really memorable poetry websites need to be built on solid hosting platforms 
Jun 2018

Really memorable poetry websites need to be built on solid hosting platforms 

There’s a lot of misconceptions regarding putting up a poetry or spoken word website. One of these misconceptions involves the kind of infrastructure or hardware you need. The idea has got into too many website owners’ heads, that they really don’t need much, as far as hosting is concerned.

After all, according to their estimates, they’re just posting words. Sometimes they post pictures along with the words. But by enlarge, they think that since poetry is made up of words, then this is not going to need much heavy lifting, as far as their servers and hardware infrastructure are concerned.

Well, my only piece of advice to people who think this way, is actually quite simple, don’t let your success spoil you. In other words, down become a victim of your own success. Believe it or not, poetry is quite popular in the United States.

It may not seem like it. It may seem like some sort of emo thing, that only a few handful of people are interested in. But you’d be surprised as to how many people respond favorably to poetry. Because, let’s face it, poetry speaks to the soul. 

Poetry is all about uncovering a deep and profound reality that we all share at the heart level. If you learn how to speak in the language of poetry, you can pretty much speak to anybody on this planet, regardless of what languages you bothered to learn. Poetry applies to all people.

As the old saying goes, “we all bleed red”. Well, as human beings, we are all equipped with a heart and emotions, we all feel poetry. The words may not sound familiar. The language may seem downright strange, foreign or alien, but none of that matters.

Because deep down inside, we all have hearts. And all hearts, ultimately, at some level or another, are the same. It’s the same in the Western world. It’s the same in Africa. It’s the same in South America. It’s the same regardless of how you slice and dice it.

We all have feelings, and this is why you should not be surprised when your little innocent looking poetry site, all of a sudden, catches on. Don’t be all that shocked when it blows up and you are stuck with really slow hosting.

This is why, it’s really a good idea to spend a little more money. I’m not talking about breaking the bank here. I’m not talking about losing an arm or a leg. We’re talking about a few bucks on a solid hosting.

Because that little extra cash, can definitely go a long way in ensuring the experience of people, lucky enough to check out your poetry site. That’s what’s at stake. That’s what’s up. So do yourself a favor.

Do a little research regarding the hosting options out there. Well, you’re probably saying, well I’ve done that, and it’s not all that encouraging. In fact, it’s quite depressing because there’s just so much stuff out there. Believe me, I’ve been there before.

I’ve been around the block and I know what goes on with hosting, and it’s not pretty. It’s not because there’s a tremendous amount of scammers out there, I’m sure they exist, but for the most part, there are a lot of mediocre hosting companies.

These are companies that will leave your website high and dry, precisely at that point in time where you need to rely on them the most. In other words, you become a victim of your own success. This hosting company would do really well, until you achieve real traffic, and then it starts falling apart.

You don’t want to put yourself in that position because you work so hard to build up a solid poetry brand. What are you going to do? Well, it’s actually quite simple. To tell the different hosting platforms apart, you only need to understand the selection criteria involved. 

How do you do this? Well, you can do this the hard way, by learning things from ground zero. Good luck with that. You’re going to run out of time. You’re going to, also, run out of patience. Thankfully, there is a better way.

Understand the selection criteria you need to use when putting up a poetry website by reading a bluehost reviewThat’s right! By reading one review, you can slice and dice the criteria, the selection factors and all the other important information you need to make a truly informed decision.

Funny how that works, right? Now, isn’t that quick? Isn’t that painless? Good!

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