The huntspot blog is poetic about all things hunting
Jun 2018

The huntspot blog is poetic about all things hunting

Here’s really what people think about poetry, they think about smooth words. They think about words that rhyme. They think about clever words. Well, this is kind of a shallow, and really stupid understanding of poetry. I’m sorry to be harsh.

I don’t want to sound judgmental. And I, definitely, don’t want to sound dismissive, but let’s call a spade, a spade. I mean, if your number one criteria regarding poetry is that all the words rhyme, you are missing the point.

The whole point of poetry is to expose truth. The whole point of poetry is to get to the heart of the matter, and that heart can be nasty. It can be ugly to look at. It can be rough.

It can rub you the wrong way. It can even hurt you. And that’s what makes poetry so awesome, is because it deals with reality. It’s not just about stuff that makes you feel good, romantic, sentimental, nostalgic or any of that stuff.

While there’s a place for those emotions, real poetry is all about reality. It’s all about what makes us human. It gets down and dirty. Because, let’s face it, human beings are often contradictions.

Human beings are often riddled with guilt, remorse, and there’s all of these conflicting emotions. And poetry is all about honestly understanding that, exposing it and at the same time, making peace with it. That’s how awesome, profound and truthful poetry is.

It really is a documentary into human beings, search of a deep and abiding meaning in their life. In other words, it’s no joke. And that’s why you have to look at poetry with a broad definition in mind. You can’t just look at it as people with nothing else better to do, or worse yet, unemployed people writing down words that seem to rhyme.

if that’s how you look at this concept, you’re doing it wrong. Real poetry is really all about looking at life for what it is. That’s really what’s at stake. Basically, you look at the world based on how it actually operates, instead of how you wish it operated.

These are two totally different things. Unfortunately, a lot of people confuse these two. Take the case of hunting. A lot of people think it’s a cruel sport. A lot of people think that it celebrates murder, at some level or another.

It is nothing of that sort. Instead, it has its own pattern. It has its own rhythm. And there’s this tension between danger and discovery and adventure, that lurks around every corner.

Every second that you’re waiting for your prey is an opportunity to reach into the deep pits of your soul, and confront your fear. That’s poetry. So, do yourself a big favor, if you’re to discover everything and anything poetic about hunting, visit Huntspot blog.

It really is poetry in motion, as far as hunting is concerned. The poetry is exposed in the resource guides, the videos, and most importantly, the interaction of the eager and adventurous hunters that hang out at the Huntspot blog.

Do yourself a big favor, and discover it. Because poetry takes many different forms. At the end of the day, poetry is all about reality. That’s really what it’s about and to think that you can pigeon-hole it, or re-package or reduce it into some sort of cheap and easy formula would be an insult.

Seriously, it would be an insult. Not just to poetry as a literary form, but to yourself, as well. Because you’re more intelligent than that. You’re more resourceful, creative and imaginative than that. Don’t pigeon hole yourself.

Don’t restrict yourself. And definitely, do not deny yourself, as far as your creative output is concerned. There’s a lot more going on.

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