Unpacking the success of brands of sewing machines is like reading poetry
Jun 2018

Unpacking the success of brands of sewing machines is like reading poetry

You may be thinking to yourself, “What does poetry have to do with commercial brands?” In fact, on a certain level it would seem that they are completely opposite to each other. On the one hand is poetry which is supposed to be unspoiled, pure, pristine, and speaks to the highest aspiration of the human condition.

On the other hand are brands. Brands are supposed to be commercial. They’re supposed to sell products. They’re supposed to be creatures of the market place. At the end of the day, brand is all about dollars or cents. Either brands make money or they don’t. It comes from a very commercial and very materialistic plane. What do these two things have in common?

Believe it or not, brands are developed in an artistic way. In fact, there’s a certain internal poetry to them because of the context in which they operate. Drop the ball on this understanding and you’d be surprised as to how bad you’re branding campaign becomes.

When it comes to reading poetry, there is an internal flow that needs to be established. You need to spot that flow and you need to ride it. That’s why certain brands become really successful, prevalent and renowned. Others just fall by the wayside. They’re like carcasses littering the highway of commercial exchange.

What separates the two? It’s really all about reading poetry in to brands. If you know how to do it, chances are, your brand will stick around long enough for you to be able to take it to a whole other level. If you do not know how to do it, it’s anybody’s guess whether your brand will make it to the next month; much less the next year.

This is why it’s really important to unpack the success of product brands just like reading poetry. When you read poetry, you’re not looking at the surface meaning of the words. Instead, you’re looking at the flow and the internal relationships that really speak to the soul of the people reading meaning into the poem. This is what separates poetry that lasts ages and poetry that just some eight grade kid came up with because he’s trying to impress some girl a few seats in front of him – two totally different things.

The same applies to brands. So if you want to truly know how to unpack the branding success of certain products, like let’s say, brands of sewing machines start reading like poetry. You would start seeing patterns. You would start seeing hierarchy of meanings. You would start seeing maps of resonance. That’s what separates truly long lasting and heavy duty brands with some products that somehow someway became famous a long time ago.

But it really doesn’t have much relevance in our day and time. You know how it works? Do yourself a big favor. Read brands of sewing machines like reading poetry. You’d be surprise as to what you would discover. There’s actually quite a bit of similarity between artistic expression and commercial branding, believe it or not.


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